The Vacation Pages Continue

Last week, was officially dubbed “Date Week” for James and I.  James’ parents took the boys up to her trailer at a private campground last week, so we had the whole WEEK to ourselves.  My first inclination was to take the afternoons off of work so I could scrapbook from noon until midnight, but he said I wasn’t allowed.  He told me I could do that any day of the week that I wanted and he’d take the boys to the beach so I could scrap in peace and quiet.  So, instead, we went out almost every single night.  We didn’t even have to call for a sitter.  Woo-hoo!

Monday night we went to Silver Beach Pizza and were able to order our favorite BBQ chicken pizza without having to consider whether the kids would eat it or not… for the record, they wouldn’t have.  We each had a Schooner of Oberon and just chilled.  After dinner we walked the pier and just sat there until sunset.  It was kind of a weird feeling.  I kept thinking we had to hurry home to get the kids to bed.  After the sunset, we walked up to the bluff and watched the kids play in the fountain until they turned it off at 10:00.

Tuesday we met some friends at El Cozumel, a delicious Mexican place just up the street from us for pitchers of Margaritas.  I told James on Monday night that I was a little worried about going to the Jimmy Buffett concert on Saturday because I haven’t been drinking much this summer and I was worried I’d pass out after two beers that day!  So then I declared that I needed some training before Saturday.  Ha ha!  I was mostly joking.  Wednesday, James went golfing and I did get to scrap for a good portion of the day (took the afternoon off work) and finished 9 pages.  Thursday night we went to dinner (again) at Wheatberry with another couple from work.  Wheatberry is about a half an hour away and their specialty is smoked and slow cooked meats.  I had a pulled pork sandwich and it was delicious.  We had some wine with dinner and then met another friend at a different bar/restaurant and had a few more beverages.  That was a late night!  Friday night James’ Sister and Boyfriend came into town and so did my friend Colleen from college and one of her friends.  We had a fire on the patio that night and just chatted.  Saturday was the big Jimmy Buffett bus trip to Chicago and was a very fun day.  I’ll save that rambling for another post.  🙂  I told James that I was going to need a vacation day to get over our mini-vacation of Date Week.  It was really nice to have so much time to spend together alone, but I sure was happy to see my boys come home on Sunday again.

Here are some of the pages that I was able to finish on Wednesday.  I’ve rambled WAY more than I intended to, so I’ll do half today and the rest tomorrow:

I have decided that since I took so many pictures with my new camera and since I can’t stand not using as many as possible, I’m doing a lot of big pictures, blocked onto pages instead of making each page so fancy and time consuming.  I really like that way they are turning out too!



I am always amazed with people who not only take great pictures but take the time to organize them and pick out the best ones AND process them AND post them online.  I’m lucky that I had time to download all of my vacation pictures.  I suppose I do fairly well at organizing them, but instead of post processing them and posting just my pictures online I always jump right into scrapbooking my pictures and the end result is that I never take the time to share just my pictures anymore.  SO, after that long rambling sentence, I decided to share at least this one picture because I love it.  It makes me very happy that I finally broke down and decided to get a new camera.  This new camera is so much sharper than my old one and I really like the colors I get with this camera too (A Nikon 3100).

I took the afternoon off work today.  My boys are enjoying a week with their Grandparents at their long-term campground.  I decided to use one afternoon and night to work on scrapbooking our vacation some more.  So far I’ve completed six pages in eight hours.  That’s pretty good for me these days!  Back to work for me!

More Vacation Pages

I finished a few more scrapbook pages from our vacation over the last few days.  I’ve been trying to keep my mojo going by doing one page each night after the kiddos are in bed.  Maybe I’ll finish scrapping this vacation before I forget all the details this time.  The last batch of pictures were all from just the trip to the U.P.  These are first night in the campground (fishing and the amazing sunset over the river) and then our trip to see the Lower Falls of Tahquamenon.  Enjoy!

I’m still having a little trouble figuring out how to display the proper credits for my layouts.  I’m adding the information into the description of each page, but that isn’t showing up anywhere, so I really need to work on figuring that out…

Back from Vacation!

We successfully completed another 4th of July vacation with my Sister’s family.  Last year we went to Niagara Falls.  That was our first long distance car trip with all of our kids and I was a little nervous about it but they did great.  So without hesitation we decided to drive up to the U.P.  We spent three night in Tahquamenon Falls State Park (Rivermouth Campground) and then we moved to Germfask near Seney at the Northland Outfitters Campground for three nights.  At the second campground we had two small cabins and I was very grateful to not have to set up camp a second time and more importantly, I was thrilled to have a place to hide from the bugs.  They were awful in both places.  But thankfully that was the only downside to our trip.  Everything else was great and we did some really fun things and saw lots of gorgeous nature landscapes and critters and animals.

James has taken the boys to a Father/Son camping weekend this weekend so I was able to get working on my scrapbook pages already for this trip.   I’ve scrapped five pages already and that hasn’t even gotten us to our first destination!  Could be because I had a new camera for this trip.  I took 2,507 pictures.  Yeah, it could take awhile to scrap even just the best ones!  But, here they are:

Here’s a bigger picture of the texts shown in this layout:

I’m hoping to get a lot more done today, but the boys and James will be home in just a few hours, so that’s probably not going to happen.


Wyatt’s Room

I finally finished Wyatt’s big boy room at the end of May and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. I had been working on it for about a month starting with the
$50 loft I bought on Craigslist (Easter weekend). I had to scrape, sand and repaint the loft which took a couple weeks. Then I decided he needed his walls repainted because they were
still decorated for a baby’s room. And, since I was at it, I bought matching comforters for the two beds, new curtains and I had to make a new
fun collage all of Wyatt pictures to add to the new room too! 🙂 So,
everything is finally finished and I took these pictures at the end of May, before the boys could do anything awful to it all! 🙂 I’m also posting a few pictures of what it looked like before too, so you can get the whole transformation! Cody loves this new loft as much (or more) as Wyatt does and they have been sharing a room ever since the loft came into the house. Maybe they’ll have a toy room and a sleeping room now?

Here are the pictures that were emailed to me when the loft was for sale on Craigslist:




The loft had stickers all over it, had names and pictures scratched into it and their kids had colored all over it with Sharpies. It was in rough shape to start with, but the price was right. I scraped the stickers off, sanded it and several weeks painting to thick coats of paint onto it.

When we put the loft in Wyatts room, I immediately knew the walls had to be done too. This is what his room looked like before I repainted:




I decided to branch out a little and painted two facing walls a sky blue and the two other walls olive green. It was a little scary to choose such bold paint colors but I really love how everything came together.







The success of this project got me in the mood for redecorating, so keep an eye out for a post in the near future on what I did in our bedroom next.

Jewelry Jubilee

I’m not exactly sure what a jubilee is, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have one in a few weeks. I’ve been making beaded jewelry for about four years now. Soon after I started making jewelry I started selling it here and there to my friends and coworkers too. I kept buying strands of beads to make stuff for myself and then I’d have all kinds of leftovers, so I figures I better start making stuff up with my leftovers to help pay for all the stuff I was making for myself.

Well early on I found Fusion Beads online. I still shop there frequently today because their website is so easy to navigate, they have great prices and you can buy just one bead at a time instead of always full strands. That saves me tons of money! They also have free shipping and most dangerously they have an amazing gallery of ideas for inspiration. Funny enough they just happen to sell all the supplies to make your own jewelry from their patterns.

Lately they have had a ton of great ideas and I’ve just been adding things into my cart like crazy over the last few weeks. Yesterday I finally just gave in and bought my whole cart full. I had a friend order a necklace last week and then a friend ordered another necklace yesterday too, so that helps me justify ordering some new stuff for myself.

The other reason I went ahead and ordered is because in just over two weeks, James is going to take both boys on a Father-Son camping weekend and I will have an entire weekend at home alone. I am probably weird, but I am SO excited for that weekend. I’m planning on watching chick flicks on Netflix and making jewelry all weekend. When I get tired of making jewelry, I’ll scrapbook or read. I really think I could spend an entire week along and be perfectly happy with all my craft stuff.

So, here are the projects that I’m planning on making:

This is the one that started getting my beading fingers itching. I’m doing mine in all silver and with bright colors instead of all oranges and browns.


I’m also going to add to my stash of earrings too:




(except mine will have clear starfish to go with more)



(but in silver)

(again, in silver)

(there will be a new technique for me, so I hope they’ll look cool. I’m not sure what colors I’ll use yet either)

Finally, I’m going to branch out and try some bead stitching instead of my usual all beads and metals.

(mine will use silver beads instead. Are you sensing a trend?)

I’ll post pictures again once I get everything made. I can’t wait for my package to arrive!

First Camping of the Year

Last weekend James and I took our first camping trip of the year and much to their dismay, the boys didn’t get to go with us.  We went with two other couples to the Hoosier state.  We went to Shades State Park, West of Indianapolis, IN.  We had so much fun!  Friday, James and I took the afternoon off of work and everyone drove together down to Redamak’s for a delicious cheeseburger lunch.  Jason and Leah hadn’t been there before and vowed to go again on their way home.

Friday night we had a terrible thunderstorm blow through and I was actually rather unnerved by it.  Thankfully we stayed dry (and alive) and the weather for the rest of the weekend was great!  We hiked several of the trails within the park and they were amazing!  I loved trail #4 best where the trail was the actual stream bed up through a gorge of rocky cliffs.  There were several places where we had to use ladders to get up the trail.  Everything was green and lush.  It reminded me of being in a jungle in certain places.  We also saw several crazy bugs and critters too.  My least favorite were the stinking raccoons that opened our cooler and stole my tartar sauce and then opened a rubbermaid tub and stole my marshmallows and Nutty Bars!  The nerve!  Anyway, here are some pictures of this amazing place.

Silver Creek Falls

Silver Creek Falls

James climbing up the waterfall.

We were trying to make these two bugs battle each other.

This is a Redlegged Purseweb Spider. It on the endangered list so I'm glad I didn't squish him. Boy did I want to! He's scary looking!

I'm pretty sure this is the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer.

There were LOTS of stairs to climb up and down!

My patient friends even posed for me several times.

Sunday we woke up around 7:00 and started packing everything up so we’d have time to visit Turkey Run State Park, before we had to head home.  The suspension bridge was my favorite there!

It was really nice to have some adults only time with James this weekend.  I sure would like to bring the kids back here in a couple of years to see these amazing trails though!