Tropical Phone Cover

I loved my owl phone cover and I’ve used it every single day since I made it, but felt just wasn’t meant for the vigors of my purse and my day to day life… plus, I just wanted a new one!  Since we are going on vacation soon, I thought it would be appropriate to make a tropical version for my next phone cover.  I love how this turned out!

I cut each piece from plain old felt and then stitched them all together with embroidery floss (3 strands).  For the flower center I cut a very rough shape of the hot pink and then covered most of it with hot pink floss to make the pointy shape.  At the tip of the flower, I stitched some hot pink beads just for fun, but you could also just do embroidery knots too.  Then, once all of that was done, I stitched the front and back together using a blanket stitch.  I love how it turned out!

If you’d like to make one too… here is a link to my pattern.  Enjoy!  🙂


I Made Another One

Well, I guess I’m hooked, because I ended up making another iPhone cover last night.  This time I made a pattern for the blue bird from Angry birds.  This one was even easier than the other one because it’s all felt and was easier to sew.  🙂