The Vacation Pages Continue

Last week, was officially dubbed “Date Week” for James and I.  James’ parents took the boys up to her trailer at a private campground last week, so we had the whole WEEK to ourselves.  My first inclination was to take the afternoons off of work so I could scrapbook from noon until midnight, but he said I wasn’t allowed.  He told me I could do that any day of the week that I wanted and he’d take the boys to the beach so I could scrap in peace and quiet.  So, instead, we went out almost every single night.  We didn’t even have to call for a sitter.  Woo-hoo!

Monday night we went to Silver Beach Pizza and were able to order our favorite BBQ chicken pizza without having to consider whether the kids would eat it or not… for the record, they wouldn’t have.  We each had a Schooner of Oberon and just chilled.  After dinner we walked the pier and just sat there until sunset.  It was kind of a weird feeling.  I kept thinking we had to hurry home to get the kids to bed.  After the sunset, we walked up to the bluff and watched the kids play in the fountain until they turned it off at 10:00.

Tuesday we met some friends at El Cozumel, a delicious Mexican place just up the street from us for pitchers of Margaritas.  I told James on Monday night that I was a little worried about going to the Jimmy Buffett concert on Saturday because I haven’t been drinking much this summer and I was worried I’d pass out after two beers that day!  So then I declared that I needed some training before Saturday.  Ha ha!  I was mostly joking.  Wednesday, James went golfing and I did get to scrap for a good portion of the day (took the afternoon off work) and finished 9 pages.  Thursday night we went to dinner (again) at Wheatberry with another couple from work.  Wheatberry is about a half an hour away and their specialty is smoked and slow cooked meats.  I had a pulled pork sandwich and it was delicious.  We had some wine with dinner and then met another friend at a different bar/restaurant and had a few more beverages.  That was a late night!  Friday night James’ Sister and Boyfriend came into town and so did my friend Colleen from college and one of her friends.  We had a fire on the patio that night and just chatted.  Saturday was the big Jimmy Buffett bus trip to Chicago and was a very fun day.  I’ll save that rambling for another post.  🙂  I told James that I was going to need a vacation day to get over our mini-vacation of Date Week.  It was really nice to have so much time to spend together alone, but I sure was happy to see my boys come home on Sunday again.

Here are some of the pages that I was able to finish on Wednesday.  I’ve rambled WAY more than I intended to, so I’ll do half today and the rest tomorrow:

I have decided that since I took so many pictures with my new camera and since I can’t stand not using as many as possible, I’m doing a lot of big pictures, blocked onto pages instead of making each page so fancy and time consuming.  I really like that way they are turning out too!


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