I am always amazed with people who not only take great pictures but take the time to organize them and pick out the best ones AND process them AND post them online.  I’m lucky that I had time to download all of my vacation pictures.  I suppose I do fairly well at organizing them, but instead of post processing them and posting just my pictures online I always jump right into scrapbooking my pictures and the end result is that I never take the time to share just my pictures anymore.  SO, after that long rambling sentence, I decided to share at least this one picture because I love it.  It makes me very happy that I finally broke down and decided to get a new camera.  This new camera is so much sharper than my old one and I really like the colors I get with this camera too (A Nikon 3100).

I took the afternoon off work today.  My boys are enjoying a week with their Grandparents at their long-term campground.  I decided to use one afternoon and night to work on scrapbooking our vacation some more.  So far I’ve completed six pages in eight hours.  That’s pretty good for me these days!  Back to work for me!


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