Back from Vacation!

We successfully completed another 4th of July vacation with my Sister’s family.  Last year we went to Niagara Falls.  That was our first long distance car trip with all of our kids and I was a little nervous about it but they did great.  So without hesitation we decided to drive up to the U.P.  We spent three night in Tahquamenon Falls State Park (Rivermouth Campground) and then we moved to Germfask near Seney at the Northland Outfitters Campground for three nights.  At the second campground we had two small cabins and I was very grateful to not have to set up camp a second time and more importantly, I was thrilled to have a place to hide from the bugs.  They were awful in both places.  But thankfully that was the only downside to our trip.  Everything else was great and we did some really fun things and saw lots of gorgeous nature landscapes and critters and animals.

James has taken the boys to a Father/Son camping weekend this weekend so I was able to get working on my scrapbook pages already for this trip.   I’ve scrapped five pages already and that hasn’t even gotten us to our first destination!  Could be because I had a new camera for this trip.  I took 2,507 pictures.  Yeah, it could take awhile to scrap even just the best ones!  But, here they are:

Here’s a bigger picture of the texts shown in this layout:

I’m hoping to get a lot more done today, but the boys and James will be home in just a few hours, so that’s probably not going to happen.



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