Wyatt’s Room

I finally finished Wyatt’s big boy room at the end of May and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. I had been working on it for about a month starting with the
$50 loft I bought on Craigslist (Easter weekend). I had to scrape, sand and repaint the loft which took a couple weeks. Then I decided he needed his walls repainted because they were
still decorated for a baby’s room. And, since I was at it, I bought matching comforters for the two beds, new curtains and I had to make a new
fun collage all of Wyatt pictures to add to the new room too! 🙂 So,
everything is finally finished and I took these pictures at the end of May, before the boys could do anything awful to it all! 🙂 I’m also posting a few pictures of what it looked like before too, so you can get the whole transformation! Cody loves this new loft as much (or more) as Wyatt does and they have been sharing a room ever since the loft came into the house. Maybe they’ll have a toy room and a sleeping room now?

Here are the pictures that were emailed to me when the loft was for sale on Craigslist:




The loft had stickers all over it, had names and pictures scratched into it and their kids had colored all over it with Sharpies. It was in rough shape to start with, but the price was right. I scraped the stickers off, sanded it and several weeks painting to thick coats of paint onto it.

When we put the loft in Wyatts room, I immediately knew the walls had to be done too. This is what his room looked like before I repainted:




I decided to branch out a little and painted two facing walls a sky blue and the two other walls olive green. It was a little scary to choose such bold paint colors but I really love how everything came together.







The success of this project got me in the mood for redecorating, so keep an eye out for a post in the near future on what I did in our bedroom next.


One thought on “Wyatt’s Room

  1. I LOVE the makeover, Karen!! The colors are so fun and I think they are just perfect for boys room. We have a sleeping and playing room too unless kids decide each of them wants to have a separate room.
    Have a great summer! (if weather permits 😉 )

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