Jewelry Jubilee

I’m not exactly sure what a jubilee is, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have one in a few weeks. I’ve been making beaded jewelry for about four years now. Soon after I started making jewelry I started selling it here and there to my friends and coworkers too. I kept buying strands of beads to make stuff for myself and then I’d have all kinds of leftovers, so I figures I better start making stuff up with my leftovers to help pay for all the stuff I was making for myself.

Well early on I found Fusion Beads online. I still shop there frequently today because their website is so easy to navigate, they have great prices and you can buy just one bead at a time instead of always full strands. That saves me tons of money! They also have free shipping and most dangerously they have an amazing gallery of ideas for inspiration. Funny enough they just happen to sell all the supplies to make your own jewelry from their patterns.

Lately they have had a ton of great ideas and I’ve just been adding things into my cart like crazy over the last few weeks. Yesterday I finally just gave in and bought my whole cart full. I had a friend order a necklace last week and then a friend ordered another necklace yesterday too, so that helps me justify ordering some new stuff for myself.

The other reason I went ahead and ordered is because in just over two weeks, James is going to take both boys on a Father-Son camping weekend and I will have an entire weekend at home alone. I am probably weird, but I am SO excited for that weekend. I’m planning on watching chick flicks on Netflix and making jewelry all weekend. When I get tired of making jewelry, I’ll scrapbook or read. I really think I could spend an entire week along and be perfectly happy with all my craft stuff.

So, here are the projects that I’m planning on making:

This is the one that started getting my beading fingers itching. I’m doing mine in all silver and with bright colors instead of all oranges and browns.


I’m also going to add to my stash of earrings too:




(except mine will have clear starfish to go with more)



(but in silver)

(again, in silver)

(there will be a new technique for me, so I hope they’ll look cool. I’m not sure what colors I’ll use yet either)

Finally, I’m going to branch out and try some bead stitching instead of my usual all beads and metals.

(mine will use silver beads instead. Are you sensing a trend?)

I’ll post pictures again once I get everything made. I can’t wait for my package to arrive!


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