First Camping of the Year

Last weekend James and I took our first camping trip of the year and much to their dismay, the boys didn’t get to go with us.  We went with two other couples to the Hoosier state.  We went to Shades State Park, West of Indianapolis, IN.  We had so much fun!  Friday, James and I took the afternoon off of work and everyone drove together down to Redamak’s for a delicious cheeseburger lunch.  Jason and Leah hadn’t been there before and vowed to go again on their way home.

Friday night we had a terrible thunderstorm blow through and I was actually rather unnerved by it.  Thankfully we stayed dry (and alive) and the weather for the rest of the weekend was great!  We hiked several of the trails within the park and they were amazing!  I loved trail #4 best where the trail was the actual stream bed up through a gorge of rocky cliffs.  There were several places where we had to use ladders to get up the trail.  Everything was green and lush.  It reminded me of being in a jungle in certain places.  We also saw several crazy bugs and critters too.  My least favorite were the stinking raccoons that opened our cooler and stole my tartar sauce and then opened a rubbermaid tub and stole my marshmallows and Nutty Bars!  The nerve!  Anyway, here are some pictures of this amazing place.

Silver Creek Falls

Silver Creek Falls

James climbing up the waterfall.

We were trying to make these two bugs battle each other.

This is a Redlegged Purseweb Spider. It on the endangered list so I'm glad I didn't squish him. Boy did I want to! He's scary looking!

I'm pretty sure this is the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer.

There were LOTS of stairs to climb up and down!

My patient friends even posed for me several times.

Sunday we woke up around 7:00 and started packing everything up so we’d have time to visit Turkey Run State Park, before we had to head home.  The suspension bridge was my favorite there!

It was really nice to have some adults only time with James this weekend.  I sure would like to bring the kids back here in a couple of years to see these amazing trails though!


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