Family Fall Day

We had the best day together as a family today.  The boys and I went to Sunday school and then James met us afterwards for church.  Then we went home and had some lunch (eggs and grits, yum!).  James mowed the lawn quick and then we piled in the van and went to Warren Dunes State park.  There is a really tall sand dune there that we try to climb every fall and have a family picture taken there.  We played at the top a little bit and then came back down and hiked back to the van.  Then we went on another geocaching adventure.  Today was trying to break a record of number of people to find a geocache in one day.  The record currently is 56,654 caches found in one day.  Wow!   I had no idea this was so popular!  Anyway, we found a total of three caches today and failed at finding a fourth, but the kids were really into it, which I love.  It gets us outside on a beautiful fall day and gives us something interesting to do as a family.  Anyway, onto the pictures (SOTC)!

My boys at the start of our short hike to Mt. Randall

This is about halfway up the big sand dune

Wyatt is getting tired and taking a rest.

The view of Lake Michigan from the top.

Cody’s coming back up again after taking a “short cut” path part-way back down the dune.

James enjoying the beautiful Michigan fall colors.

Again with the whole family. (glad I remembered my tripod!)

Yes, the dune really is that steep!

I was trying to get a natural smile on James and he just got done making many silly faces at me!

I love how these pictures of the red leaves turned out!  🙂

And onto our 2nd weekend of geocaching:

This was geocache “Shaded”  It was kind of tricky to find!  Liz and I tried last weekend to find this one and failed.  James found it this time.  We also ran into two retired couples in the parking lot who were looking for this same cache!   They said they’d found about 190 caches total!  Wow!

The 2nd find of the day, named Snow White’s Return.  This one was REALLY easy to find and the kids were excited because it was the kind that you get to take a treasure out of it and put one of your in, before hiding it again.

It was so nice outside today that the boys got hot and took off their shirts.  It was 83 at one point today!

This is James looking for “Firewood” which we never did find.  We tried for about 20 minutes and Cody kept saying that he wasn’t leaving until we found it.  Well, we had to because we couldn’t seem to find it.  Someone found it 5 days ago, so we know it was there somewhere.  There were a lot of leaves on the ground though, so it might have been buried by those.  We’ll try again another day.

Our final find of the day was “Jacey Secret”.  This one was in a little public park, so the kids were able to play there for a little while after we found the cache.  It was pretty easy after we read the clue.  🙂

Now I’m off to scrapbook a little bit.  Hopefully I can get back into the swing of blogging too.  I always love posting, but never seem to take the time to download my pictures until days later and then things don’t seem to be relevant anymore.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Family Fall Day

  1. Awesome pictures, Karen! And boy you have a nice warm weather, no shorts for us here 😉
    How does it work, that geocache thing? Someone goes outside and “lost” those things and others are looking for them? I have never heard about this.

    • We just started geocaching, but it’s been around for 10 years now. Basically someone takes a waterproof container and puts at least a log book inside and then they hide it somewhere in nature. Usually it’s near a hiking path, but just off the path so if you weren’t looking for it, you’d walk right past. When they hide the “cache” they log the GPS coordinates and then post them on Some of the caches have little treasures inside of them. If they do, you can take one treasure and then put in something of your own. Some of them are just big enough for a tiny roll of paper inside. When you find a cache, you get to sign the log inside along with the date.

      Other people can then see what caches are nearby and then use the GPS coordinates to find the caches. It’s really fun. Our kids calls it treasure hunting. You should really see if they have some near you… I bet there are tons! We have about 200 of them within 11 miles of our house.

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