Sad Day in Digi World

I feel the need to post today because it’s an end of an era for me and for a lot of other people.   Tomorrow at midnight Scrap Artist is closing it’s doors forever.  Scrap Artist has been such a huge part of my life for several years.  First I started shopping there over three years ago and then in May 2009 I received an email from Gabi asking me to join the site CT there and I was so happy!

I dove in head first and almost didn’t know what to scrap first with the entire store full of amazing designs at my disposal.  I made about 25-30 LOs each month and it didn’t feel like an obligation, I couldn’t wait to work on the next new kit.  There were so many fabulous designers there that I couldn’t believe my luck at being allowed to join the team over there. 

It only got better from there.  Not only did I get inspiration to scrap piles of pages, I met some of the most amazing women that I know today.  People that shared my passion for scrapbooking and understood being tired because you stayed up too late the night before to finish just one more page.  But, on top on that shared interest, these women are fun, smart, quirky, and amazing.  They are talented photographers!  They know the best books to read.  They even know where to go on vacation!   We chatted about the every day stuff going on in our lives.  We chatted about break-ups with boyfriends, lost jobs, new jobs, sick kids, fun vacations and everything in between.  I never thought I’d have such a bond with people that I only talked to on the computer, but I do.

It is all of things and so much  more that I am going to miss at Scrap Artist.  So Nancie, Gabi, Aja, et. al…. thank you so much for the opportunity you provided me by letting me join this corner of the digi-world and letting me meet so many amazing new friends.  You will be sorely missed!


2 thoughts on “Sad Day in Digi World

  1. Now you’ve got me in a sad mood too 😦
    I absolutely agree with you 100%, Karen. SA was not just a scrapbook place, it has/had the feeling of home. There has not been a single day for me without checking the forums and see what’s new with all my friends. The friendships I’ve made there are the strongest ones, even though I’ve never seen anybody in real life.

    I will miss that place a lot. But I know there to find those amazing people so we will all stay in touch.
    Keep your chin up, my friend!

  2. You said it perfectly my friend ! Not only SA was a wonderful scrapbook place, it was a place where we met real friends even if we never saw each others irl. I’m glad that i know we will keep in touch ! 😉

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