It’s Here and It’s Fabulous!

I FINALLY have my new toy in my hands!  I ordered my very own iPad on April 4th and then spent the longest month ever scouring the Net for any information about when it would ship other than “late April”.   Then stories started coming out that they would be in stores on April 30th, so speculation was that people who pre-ordered would also get theirs via FedEx the same day.  I figured it would ship on April 28th or so.  Well that day came and went without shipment notification.  Then April 29th I thought for sure I’d wake up and have an email letting me know it had shipped.  Nope.  I checked at least 20 times during the morning on the Apple site, and still no change in my order status.  It was awful!  Finally about 4:30 p.m. I received a shipment notification and they said it would come by 3:00 p.m. the next day.   Well, I went home at my 10:00 a.m. break (I live .25 miles from work) and nothing.  I came home at lunch and basically waited by the door.   Nothing.  I finally gave up at 12:58 and got in the car to go back to work.  As I was driving my tiny little drive to work, I saw the FedEx truck coming towards my house.  I quick turned around and sure enough, she had my “Magical and Revolutionary” package in her hands.  I couldn’t stand going back to work without playing with it, so I took a half day vacation and got it out right away.

Apple was even thoughtful enough to have my toy charged and ready to go, straight out of the box.  Nice!  They really have the packaging thing down too.  Inside the iPad box everything had it’s perfect little place, but what struck me was they didn’t even supply a manual.  Their confidence in their product being so easy to use, they don’t even send instructions and they are basically right.  It’s super easy to use and SO fast!  I had already downloaded a handful of free apps into my iTunes, so all I had to do was sync it up and I hit the ground running!   My favorite app to date is Tap Fish.  Totally silly, but addictive.  You start out with 50 coins and you can buy some fish eggs.  They you have to feed them and keep their tank clean.  Once the fish are full grown you can sell them for more than you paid for the fish egg and then you can buy more fish eggs.  There are different levels and lots of ranges of fish.  I even have my hubby hooked on playing it on his iPod Touch.  Hee hee!  🙂

I also love the Netflix app.  I can watch TV shows and movies streaming and the quality and speed is amazing!  In my area we only have the “Edge” network or “2G” so the speed on that is pretty slow, but my Wi-Fi connection screams.  I’m spending way too much time playing in it, but it sure is fun!  🙂

I have a couple silly cartoons that I found on the net a few weeks ago to share.  They just cracked me up!


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