Spring Scrapbook Retreat

I just got back from a wonderful weekend away on Sunday evening.  Ever since I was done nursing my baby boys, I’ve gone with my Mother-in-law to these wonderful retreats, once in the spring and once in the fall.  They are almost three full days of scrapping until you can’t scrap anymore!

This one started at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and ended on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.  It was at a camp where I actually used to go for my high school band camps.  Kinda funny what a different experience I had this weekend than I used to way back then!  All of the meals are home cooked delicious-ness and that’s pretty much the only reason I stop scrapping… to eat.   🙂  The camp we stayed at this spring is different than our normal camp because of a scheduling conflict and the only minor downside was that they didn’t have internet.  Well… maybe it was a good thing.  I finished more pages this weekend than I ever have in the past and this retreat was even a couple hours shorter than the last few!  I was able to finish a whopping 32 pages!   Not only that, but I am completely caught up in both boys books!  I only have a handful of pages that I want to do for my own books before I’m caught up there too!  It’s a weird feeling!  Not to worry though, I take A LOT of pictures in the spring and summer so I won’t stay caught up for long!  Anyway, if you’re interested…  I’m about to post all of the pages I finished this weekend.  I will warn you that I bounced all over the place from last fall, Christmas and recent stuff…  Enjoy!

One of my favorites of the weekend:

Cody’s Version on the slip-n-slide:

Cody’s Jet Pack:

Lego Love:

Cody PB&J:

Cody Singing?

Cody Skating:

Cody Chest X-Rays:

Cody’s 1st Day of Kingergarten:

Easter at Church:

Egg Hunt:

Easter page 1

Easter page 2:

Wyatt Fun Dip?

Cody Jollay Orchard page 2

Snow Blobs Page 1

Snow Blobs page 2:

Wyatt First Beach Day ’10:

Cody Painting his Dresser:

Wyatt Painting his Headboard:

Rough & Tumble Boys:

Cody Sleeping with his favorite Christmas gift:

Love this Face: (another lift I’ve been meaning to do for a long time)

Tuesday at Grandma and Grandpa’s:

Wyatt 1st Sunday School:

Wyatt as a Cowboy:

Wyatt Potty Training:

Wyatt asleep with a book:

Wyatt addicted to Wii: (blatant lift of one of my favorite scrapper Cindy Schneider)

Wyatt b-day page 1:

Wyatt’s b-day page 2:

Phew!  That’s a lot of pages!  My fingers are tired!  Off to watch Idol now!


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