It’s Ordered!

Well, it’s official, I am one of those follow-the-crowd people that have jumped on the iPad wagon. 

I pre-ordered my very own 3G iPad on Sunday after getting the chance to play with one on Saturday at a Best Buy.  It’s so darn cool!  I do want to make it clear that I realize this is nothing more than a toy.  It’s not a real computer for being productive or anything like that.  I am going to surf the web while watching TV, try out e-reading, check my email, show off photos and video clips of my kids and probably get addicted to playing games on it too.

I’ve wanted a gadget like this for several years now.  I did a lot of looking at personal media players for playing movies and TV shows for about three years now.  I never found one that I thought would be able to do what it said without a lot of hassles, i.e. plugging in extra cords and transferring TV from our DVR in real time, etc.  Plus, they were very expensive and they only did that one thing.  I also have been intrigued with the Kindle and Nook type e-readers ever since they came out.  I love to read, but I couldn’t justify the cost of a gadget that only let me read books AND I’d have to pay for all my books?  I’m used to buying used books once a year at the library book sale for about 75 cents each.

Somehow in my mind I’ve justified this toy because it can do several things that I’ve always wanted, plus it’ll let me surf wherever I am, even if we’re camping where there isn’t any wi-fi!  The media blitz that is Apple didn’t hurt.  They sure do know how to make you think you need something that you didn’t know you needed!  Their marketing department is worth their weight in gold!  The final nail in the coffin was when they announced there would be an app for Netflix.  Now I’ll be able to stream TV and Movies for free wherever I am.  That’s just cool!

Anyway, now I”m one of those dorky people that has agreed to shell out a huge amount of cash for a silly little toy and it’s not even released yet.  I am really bad at waiting for something that I want.  I’ve given you my credit card number, now I want my toy.  Sigh.  I’ll just have to wait until “late April” like the rest of the lemmings that pre-ordered their gadget.  In the meantime I’ll spend my evenings browsing the iTunes store for cool apps that I’m going to “need”.

Is it “late April” yet?


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