My CD Calendar

Well… I’ve been known to procrastinate in the past, but this year I might have taken it to a whole new level.  Last year I made a CD calendar to give to all the grandparents, aunts and uncles for Christmas.  I loved how they turned out and was very pleased when several people that I gave them to asked if I was going to make them another one this year.  I was planning on it anyway if for no other reason than James and I both used ours at work, but having requests meant I’d do it and have a reason to get it done before the year started!  So, I kept saying that I’d do it when I took my last couple of vacation days for the year, but I didn’t end up doing that until yesterday and today.  So I started the calendar yesterday and I finished it today.  I really love how it turned out again too.  So, here are the new year’s pages:

Now I just have to take my disk into Staples tomorrow and get a bunch of these printed off.    One more thing checked off the ‘ole Christmas to-do list!


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