Patio is Done!

Well after three years, our backyard is finally complete!  🙂  We were able to move our pergola and lawn furniture onto the patio on Friday night and it is SO nice.  We’ve been eating dinner outside most of the summer anyway, but now we’re on the patio.  I also put in a new lanscaped area next to the patio this weekend and that already looks nice even though the flowers haven’t filled in yet. 


Here is a very condensed photo journey of the project that started in October of 2006.


This is what the backyard looked like after we decided we were going to fill in the pool.  We quit adding chlorine… it’s amazing how fast that water turned from sparkling and clear to green:


Bob cat filling in the pool:


The family standing in our new yard where the pool used to be:  (look how small the boys are!)


Sod going in:


We added sprinklers to keep the sod from dying!


All finished (I’m a terrible photographer!)


Now fast forward to June 2009 when we could finally afford the patio:

Formed up for the cement:


Here comes my patio!


Cement going in.  They had the coolest motorized wheelbarrow to get the cement back to our yard since the cement truck wouldn’t fit:


Cement is poured and leveled:


They are starting the stamping process.  They throw on a darker colored powder that lets the molds release from the cement and also gives the low spots a shadowed color to make it look like real field stones.


This is a week later after they came back and power washed all the messy powder off:


This is the finished product after they put the sealer on:


Cody and Wyatt finally getting to step foot on the new patio:


Again, this is a terrible picture, but it shows our pergola in place and our table and chairs underneath all on the fancy new patio.  🙂


My newest lanscaped area/garden.  I went shopping in my own yard and found almost everything there.  I did take a trip to Lowes for two packages of annuals and one yellow dahlia just to have some color:


I also took the afternoon off work yesterday to work on a COOL new decoration project for the backyard.  I’m hoping to finish that tonight and will be back to post those pictures soon.  The only other thing we’d like to do in the backyard now is put up a narrow counter/bar along the window look out from the kitchen.  Then I can just raise the windows and serve dinner through the window.  🙂  Would be nice extra seating for when we have parties too.  🙂 


Thanks for looking!


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