So You Think You Can Scrap?

In about February I stated seeing things for a contest called So You Think You Can Scrap (SUTUCS) and I was intrigued.  The prize for winning was $200 in gift certificates and an i-pod.  I was hooked and decided to sign up for the 6 week contest.  I was hoping that nobody else would hear about the contest and that I’d sneak in and win.  HA!  The first week there were 200 entries for the advanced category and they were all amazing.  Anyway, people dropped out as the contest went on and I think only about 90 people finished all 6 weeks.  I’m proud to say that I was one of the people who finished and while I didn’t get picked as a top 10 finalist for any of the weeks, I’m thrilled with the cool pages I ended up with.  Here they are for the 6 weeks along with the “theme” for each week:  (they are all linked so you can see the slightly larger versions)

Week 1 – It’s So Me


Week 2 – Flashback


Week 3 – A Moment in Time (about a picture you can’t believe your luck in capturing)


Week 4 – Scrap about a Song


Week 5 – Color my World (had to process the photo to B&W or sephia, etc)


Week 6 – It’s  a Bird, It’s a Plane (Scrap about an object, not a person)


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