Yippee!! Happy DAY!

Yesterday I received the best email for Mother’s day.  Out of the blue I was asked if I wanted to be a member of the Scrap Artist Creative Team.  Um…. YES!  I was so excited to be contacted without even having to apply.  The best part about it is that after I had been doing digital scrapbooking for almost two years, I finally decided to be brave enough and try to apply for a CT position.  I saw a contest to be a Guest Goddess at Scrap Artist last spring and that was the first time I gave it a go and tried to win a guest spot.  I wasn’t picked that time, but that’s when I also replied to a thread at MSA saying that I was looking for a CT spot.  Shortly after that Aja Abney sent me a PM and asked if I’d like to join her team.  I was over the moon with excitement and that was my first official spot.  I’ve done guest spots for several designers and one of which turned into my other full time spot with Rachel Young.  She was at Funky Playground when I was asked to guest, but by the time I started my 3 month guest stint she had moved to Scrapbook Graphics.  By the end of my 3 months she had found her home at Scrap Artist as well.  I guess it’s in the stars for me to love the designers at Scrap Artist!  I just can’t wait to get started there!  🙂  I’m off now to do a layout for the Art Therapy Thursday challenge that will be posted on Thursday.

 my new bling:  ct-sa-blinkie

p.s. the project 365 is still going, but it took too much time away from scrapping to post too much.  I’ll post monthly layout if I ever get caught up on those!  🙂




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