Last of Jan 365 Pics

Well, I made it for a whole month with the project 365.  Ok, I missed one day, but that’s better than I expected for myself!  🙂  I told myself that I wouldn’t be overly concerned about missing a day here and there and that removed a lot of stress about finishing such a daunting task.  Here are the last pictures for the month of January.  I can’t believe it’s February tomorrow!

Jan 26 – The finished projects from the boys



Jan 27 – We made it longer than I thought, but we finally broke down and bought a Wii.  We also splurged and bought Mario Kart (not yet delivered) and Guitar Hero.  Fun stuff!



Jan 28 – Wyatt wearing a silly elephant hat that Cody made at preschool.



Jan 29 – Both boys still wear these pirate hats from the LECO picnic two years ago.  This was Wyatt getting ready for story time.  He had a pirate hat on and a bug catcher net full of toys.



Jan 30 – The boys wanted to paint while visiting G’ma and G’ma Mitchell.  Grandma thought it would be cute to tell Cody to paint on his face… that turned into his hands, arms, fingernail and hair.  They were a mess, but they sure had fun!  This is also taken with my new purse camera. (purchased so I don’t miss any important project 365 shots)



Jan 31 – Both boys wanted to help me cook lunch and they both wanted to do it all by themself.  So, I let Wyatt help me make the mac-n-cheese and then I let Cody be the baker and he made pudding to pour into a pie shell.  Cody has been telling me lately that he wants to be a baker man when he grows up.   I hope he doesn’t lick the spatula then!



I’m all up to date and ready for another month of daily pics.  I’m working on a double page scrapbook layout of the first month’s pictures and hope to post that here soon.  …Off to bed for me now.


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