A Whole Lotta Pics

I’ve been taking them like crazy, so it’s time to post a few pictures.  First I’ll do the Project 365 pictures and then some more just because I had to share them!

Jan 21 – This is what I see almost everything night after about 9:30 p.m.  James likes to wait for me to go to bed, but he can’t stay up as late as I can.  🙂



Jan 22 – Cody was being silly before bed and flung his puppy up into the air in the living room.  It got stuck on the hook of my stained glass chickadee.  He froze thinking he was going to be in trouble… I tried to be mad, but it was just too funny!



Jan 23 – This is ridiculous!  The worst part is, this isn’t all of it!  But I finished and I’m caught up!



Jan 24 – We had a very busy day… sledding AND a fun night swimming and playing basketball at the YMCA, but this was such a fun picture!



Jan 25 – I had to break down and get some new running shoes… the soles fell off my favorite old ones.  But, aren’t these stylin’?



Now some fun picture from today.  Cody has taken quite an interest in taking pictures.  He comes by it naturally of course since he’s a camera pointed at him nearly every day of his life.  Yesterday while we were sledding I was in my usual position at the bottom of the hill, camera in hand, snapping away.  Cody went down the hill, ditched his sled and annouced it was his turn to take pictures.  He took about 40 pictures before I could pry the camera back out of his hands!  Then today he just picked up my camera and wanted to take more pictures.  I handed him my lumix (because it’s a little lighter and less valuable) and let him go to town.  He actually took several good pictures too!  I just love these two of my little photographer:



A couple weekends ago I decided to do a craft project with the boys.  I just went into my craft room and grabbed some weird left over supplies and let them make a mess.  They had beads, small pieces of paper, regular glue, glitter glue and some macaroni.  I printed out two coloring book pages and they set to work decorating them.  They both did a fantastic job and I still have the finished products on my frig, but now anytime they are bored, they want to make a project!  Today I pulled out the same stuff, plus some stickers and they were carefully creating for over a half and hour.  They don’t even make much of a mess!  I love the looks of concentration here as they were creating.





Ok… that’s all for now.  I’ll post tomorrow with some scrapbook pages I was able to make this weekend too!


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