Sickie Ickies

Well, we were home again today with Cody.  He woke up at 4:00 a.m. and had thrown up all over himself and was crying… poor thing.  We got him all cleaned up and his bedding changed and back to bed pretty easily.  At 5:00 he threw up again, but thankfully he’s old enough now to know to hit the bucket we left for him.  After that he slept well until about 8:30.  He was pretty mellow all day and kept telling me he couldn’t walk and could I carry him.   😦  He didn’t eat much, but finally perked up in the evening.  He still went to sleep well tonight so I know he must need it.  Wyatt was as perky as could be and enjoyed being home except when I needed to attend to Cody’s needs.  Let’s hope he doesn’t get whatever Cody had.

Anyway, on to my latest Project 365 pics.  Nothing stellar, but I’m keeping at it and that’s something.

Jan 17 – I may or may not have rear ended someone because of the slippery snow.  Obviously I didn’t hit them hard as neither of us had any damage, but I certainly added to what I thought was a safe distance between cars after that!



Jan 18 – We spent a good portion of the day playing in the basement while Daddy was snowmobiling.  Even after two or more years, the boys still LOVE the $1.50 marble game I found at a garage sale.  Here’s Wyatt just barely reaching the top to add his marble.  🙂  I love those pudgy fingers!



Jan 19 – yeah more snow… blah, blah, blah.  At least it was up to 25° so I took the boys out to play and built a snow fort.



Jan 20 – Poor sick little Cody. 



That’s all for now.  I’m off to re-do a movie poster for church.


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