Pics before the weekend

I have one picture that just has to be posted.  I took this picture after I posted last time and this picture is too funny not to share.  Since Wyatt has been in his big boy bed, he’s thoroughly enjoying the freedom to play a little bit before he actually gives up and goes to bed.  About 45 minutes after I put the boys to bed I heard some pitter pattering in the dining room.  I waited a few minutes thinking there’s no way either of them were still awake.  When I did go look, this is what I found:


 I sat there and stared for a minute because I couldn’t believe that Wyatt came out to the living room and even thought to tuck himself in under the couch flap and then he was so still I thought he was asleep.  I ran to grab my camera of course.  I took two pictures and he didn’t move.  I lifted the flap to peek and see if he was sleeping, he still didn’t move.  It wasn’t until I gently started to roll him over to put him back in bed that he finally looked at me with a huge grin on his face.  It was kind of freaky how still he was even though he was awake.  I asked him what he was doing and he said he was hiding from me.  That kid!

Now the new pictures for Project 365:

Jan 15 – a great close up of Wyatt



Jan 16 – Cody playing with his new Lego firetruck that Santa brought for him



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