Pictures from the Weekend

We had a fun winter weekend.  Friday night when we all got home after picking the kids up we played out in the new snow for a little while before dinner.  We came in for hot chocolate and dinner and then the boys and I went right back outside.  They made “train tracks” over every square inch of the backyard pulling their sleds around.  Saturday James went hunting all day and my only excitement was going to the consignment shop in the morning.  I found some bigger snow pants for Cody and also found ice skates for both boys.  Saturday evening we had friends over for dinner and the kids all played together until bedtime.  Sunday we went to church, went sledding, tooks naps (the kids not me) and then went to the family movie night at church.  Poor Wyatt had bad dreams after watching a Veggie Tales video!  Who knew!? 

Onto Project 365:

Jan 10 – Wyatt catching snowflakes on his tongue


Jan 11 – Cody thought he try going down the hill this way.  Thankfully he decided against once he started moving.  He saw a bigger kid doing it and figured he could do it too.


Jan 12 – 3 of these aren’t mine and one is being returned, but still kind of humorous!



Off to watch Sopranos with James.  G’night!


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